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1969 Camaro Restoration

I did a complete frame of restoration on this 1969 Camaro.  I did everything including paint in my home garage.  I installed a tuned port fuel injection engine in it from a donor 1989 Camaro complete with automatic overdrive transmission.


Rear Engine Dragster

Chassis under construction, it is still in 2 pieces.  The other half is still on the jig.  Sure was a lot of tig welding on this thing.

Here is the finished product before paint.  This was its first time on the track.  Wow was it fast. I went 8.0 at 171 mph in this thing. It had a 509 ci big block Chevy engine which I built for it.  Lots of aluminum sheet metal work here, no rivets tho.  This picture reminds me of the pictures of RV's being test flown.

Another shot from the front.  If only we could get the frontal area of the RV's this small.


Supercharged Camaro

Here is a supercharged, intercooled Camaro I built for a customer.  It is a 427 c.i. Small Block Chevy.  It runs 28 lbs of boost and is producing north of 1000 horse power.  This thing is scary to drive, but fun!!!



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