Past Projects 

Emma and I both did our private pilot training at the same time in early 2001.  We bought or Warrior soon after and have enjoyed many adventures in it.  We have flown to Mexico, to Gastons Resort in Arkansas, and spent 9 days flying all over Austrailia with the Goana Air Safari's tour, as well as many many shorter weekend type hops.  I have since gone on with my training and now have CP-ASEL, CFI-IA, and Ground Instructor Certificates.  I am working on the Multi stuff now.


This was taken at the Hotel Serenidad on the Baja Penninsula in Mexico.  We were there to pet the whales at Laguna San Ignacio.  Coolest thing petting those big old critters!






Here we are with our trusty 172 at Redcliffe Airport near Brisbane, Australia.  What a truly fantastic adventure this was.


Flying past Sydney




















Here we go cruising past Sydney.  We were being held down to 500 feet by ATC and had to remain over the ocean.  You can barely make out the opera house and the Bridge.



Another shot of Sydney


Another shot of Sydney from a different angle and down to our 500 foot altitude.



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