Workbench #1 Construction complete


I finished construction of the 1st of probably 2 workbenches.  I used 4x4's for the legs and the rest of the structure is 2x6 with a 3/4 MDF top.  Thing is stout and perfectly level.


Tool Box Organization


I unpacked all of the tools from Avery.  I had an extra Craftsman roll around just collecting dust so I put all of the airplane fab tools in it.  Keeps them easy to keep organized that way.




More tool organization.  I bought these drawer organizers from Sears, work great for this!


Tool Box Organization


Various Riveting and Cutting tools


Electronics Crimpers and Tools


Here are all my special crimping tools for electronic terminals.  The DMC crimper is for the pin contacts in D-Sub connecters, work nice! Beats the hell out of soldering them.


Air Tools


I expect to be very familiar  with these very soon.











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